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The Lumhaa Shop is part of Lumhaa: The Memory Jar Company, which was founded in 2018.  Here are 6 things to know about us:
  1. We exist to help people make love last -- we know you have lots of places to find love, but Lumhaa is about KEEPING it
  2. Our company was created based on our founder's international award winning psychology research from Princeton University, which showed that even 5 minutes with "memory" jars made people happy
  3. We first developed an app, which helps you collect, share, and save memories in "memory jars" (online folders/albums) -- it's free, try it out
  4. When we realized that people wanted to see their memories beyond the screen, we built this shop with the help of dozens of artists across India -- your orders act as a source of dignified income for them :)
  5. Another thing we realized is that people wanted to share memories, but they also wanted to create them. That's why we launched Lumhaa Play, which helps you play games and create magical moments with friends and family
  6. In the past 4 years, Lumhaa has grown to almost 200 countries, been listed in Apple's Top 100 social apps in over 60 countries, and has shipped out hundreds of products. And now, we could not be happier to have you here <3


Let us know if you have any special requests or questions -- we love hearing from you!​

Thanks for reaching out! Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly

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