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The Lumhaa Studio is part of Lumhaa: The Memory Jar Company. Lumhaa helps create memory jars, which are private websites and physical products for individuals and groups to save and share memories.  

Lumhaa Memory Jars


Free, ad free private websites for your memories

Create a “memory jar”. Fill unlimited photos, videos, sounds, and notes. Invite other people to add and see memories. Perfect for personal diaries, birthday gifts, and more.


See your memories

beyond the screen

Order physical products customized with memories from your jars. All products also have a live link to the digital memory jar, so simply bringing your phone close to them will open the jar on your phone. Products include handmade jars, frames, scrapbooks, t-shirts, jewelry, and more


Memory jars make people happy

Our award-winning research from Princeton University shows that even 10 minutes with memory jars has several psychological benefits as shown below.

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Support artists in Indian villages

Our products and packaging are handmade by artists and abuse survivors across India. Every purchase you make supports their craft and helps them earn dignified income.

Lumhaa artists

...and help save the environment

Our materials are made of recycled materials such as cow dung, discarded t-shirts, and marigold seeds. This helps reduce our carbon footprint.

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