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Get customized decorations with your memory jar codes so guests can easily scan and participate in your memory jar! 


PRICING ON REQUEST (displayed pricing is indicative only, assuming 4 large or 10 small prints)

To learn more, please visit

Interactive Event Decoration

  • Here is a sample list of what can be included in your event decoration, but we are happy to brainstorm specifications on call with you!

    • Interactive invitations
    • Flex/standees at the entrance with event memory QR codes
    • Frames for each table with event photos and QR codes
    • Live stream of all content being added into event memory jar
    • Shared link so that all the people who couldn’t attend the event can participate in the memory jar online 
  • Our team will help customize:

    • Products/services package
    • Product Dimensions
    • Product Design
    • QR Code Design and Colors

    and more! Please contact us to brainstorm design and placement ideas :)