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Why Lumhaa Shop

You're here, which already means that you're an awesome gift giver who is looking for something unique, memorable, and thoughtful! But there are lots of unique, personalized gift shops out there. Here are 5 reasons we're different:



Truly Personalized

We don't just predesign products and stick your photos or names on them. Our artists actually work with you to craft products from scratch, making them truly unique!


Digital Integration

All Lumhaa products are integrated with our Memory Jar App, so you can keep adding more memories to your products long after you've received them!

Ladoo’s world map with memories  (1)2.jpg


Global Love

Not only do we ship globally (194 countries and counting), but we also help coordinate global gift giving! No matter where your group is located, we make coordinating your group gift super easy with our app :)


Budget Friendly

Want to give the best gift ever without burning a hole in your wallet? With products ranging from the price of a coffee to the price of a designer watch, we've got you covered!

Birthday Canvas Set


Mission Driven

Our products and packaging are handcrafted by artists across Indian villages, so every purchase is a source of dignified income for them. Plus, we're big on sustainability - you'll find a lot of recycled tshirts, seeds, and cow dung in our materials!

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