Create a memory jar on the Lumhaa app, fill memories, and share the digital link to your jar here to get a customized handmade version (samples above). Once you place your order:

  1. Our artists will work with you to design the jar based on what you like
  2. Our printers will get to work on making memory prints out of the memories inside the jar
  3. All video and audio memories will be fitted with QR codes, and the jar will have a QR code linking to the digital version

Big Jars

    • Design consultation
    • Fully custom jar, including 3D lid
    • Unlimited memories
    • Standard shipping (Pan India)
  • Each jar is handcrafted by an artist from an emerging community in India, and supports a variety of art forms including:

    • Parchment work
    • Clay modeling 
    • Dye Cutting
    • Ethnic painting techniques